Our direction

Dirk Schmidt-Holzmann

Managing Director

Hakim Hennen


At the head of our team in Belgium, Germany, France or Switzerland, Dirk Schmidt-Holzmann takes on the role of managing director.

Hakim Hennen is mainly in charge of Terval Ltd. and is also responsible for the other subsidiaries in the commercial and administrative areas.

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 43

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 

Terval SA

Yannick Detilloux

Sales Representative

Arthur Boulie

Derivatives trader

Luc Joassin

Technical director

Gilles Henquin

Technical assistant director
Environment Manager

Yannick takes care of the commercial relations with the Belgian industries, in order to offer the best possible services to customers and collaborators.

Always aware of the latest market trends, Arthur juggles the API 2 and 4 curves while making the best investment decisions in industrial energy.

Luc is the head of the technical team. Responsible for the site and its production, he orchestrates a team of about twenty workers in order to provide the right quantities of adequate products on time.

As Environmental Manager, Gilles ensures that all environmental standards and rules are respected. He is also in charge of piloting the drone for inventory control.

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 48

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 54

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 45

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 45

Béatrice Treskow

Administrative & Logistics
ships and barges

Stéphane Bourgeois

Administrative & logistic support

Stéphane Treskow

Logistics Barges

Christoph Fuchs

Truck logistics

Beatrice is in charge of maritime logistics and sea ships, which have no secrets for her. Taking care of the organization and the dispatching of the products acquired in the 4 corners of the world, Beatrice makes sure that they arrive at the right place at the right time.

Stéphane takes care of the administrative and digital aspects, including billing and customer service. He is assigned to back-office tasks for German, Belgian and French customers.

Stéphane is the master gauger. He is the contact person for barges entering and leaving our terminal, taking care of the transport documents as well as the actual gauging.

For all matters relating to road logistics, Christoph takes care of transport documents, weighing, relations with transport companies, as well as customer invoicing and administrative tasks.

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 41

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 52

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 56

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 57

Agnieszka Fenyk

Administrative & logistic support

Dominique Lambermont


Sylvie Ramirez

Accounting Assistant

Marc Stachulec

Quality manager

As a back-office administrator, Agnieszka is responsible for barge logistics and truck support, as well as invoicing French and German customers.

For all incoming invoices, Dominique takes care of the accounting of the Belgian branch.

As a support to the accounting department, Sylvie assists Dominique in the administrative tasks related to the company’s accounting.

As head of the laboratory and quality manager, Marc is responsible for checking the quality of incoming and outgoing products, both before and after they are handled. From analysis to quality control, he also takes care of the company’s computer equipment and server databases.

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 48

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 51

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 58

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 47

Terval SARL

Nicolas Strunden

Sales Representative

Sylvie Pihan

Logistics & Accounting

Direct : +33 1 47 50 31 13

Direct : +33 1 47 50 31 13

Terval GmbH

Heiko Klemp

Sales Representative

Heiko takes care of the commercial relations with the German customers. He is always looking for the best possible solutions to meet the needs of our German speaking customers.

Direct : +32 (0)4 256 93 42

Terval CH

Moritz Indlekofer

Sales Representative

Jana Bühler

Logistics & Accounting

Direct : +41 61 551 12 12

Direct : +41 61 551 12 12