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Coal storage

Tri-modal terminal

Our tri-modal logistics platform is ideally optimized for the storage, processing, handling and transportation of all our fuel products by rail, water and road. Located less than 48 hours by river from the ARA seaports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp), as well as close to the French, German and Dutch borders by freeway, our tri-modal terminal allows a quality logistic organization as well as an intermodal transport facility.

Coal analysis


Terval has its own laboratory. The quality of each coal arrival and departure is systematically controlled by us. A regular comparison of the results with those of independent laboratories is carried out to ensure the reliability of the analyses.
The analyses performed are as follows:
Calorific value, Moisture, Sulphur, Volatile matter, Ash, Carbon, Chlorine, as well as the granulometry.

grinding drying

Grinding & Drying

The grinding and drying is done in Lixhe (Province of Liège). Capacity: 70,000 tons per year.

Coal washing


Terval has a Wemco coal washing plant for gauges from 6 to 80 millimeters mainly used for anthracite.
Capacity: 120 tons/hour.

Coal screening


In addition to the various plants, Terval has a shredding and screening plant dedicated to specific products.

Coal crushing


The product is crushed to the granulometry required by the customer.

Coal blend


The mixing of different types of coal, including ballast coals, allows to provide the quality desired by the customer.

Chantier Terval 7


Area: 15 ha
Dock length : 300 m
Capacity: 300,000 to 500,000 tons
Warehouses: 25,500 sq. ft.

An overview of our customers

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