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Coal is an important part of our business, and we focus on the quality of our services in order to provide manufacturers with the best product. Our network enables us to source all types of bulk products from different origins such as Colombia, South Africa, the United States and Australia. We serve the cement, paper, chemical, steel, sugar and district heating industries.

Charbon 1 1

With its high volatile matter content, steam coal ensures that the combustion process is stable and constant.

Charbon 2

Anthracite coal is a high-carbon, low-sulfur, low-volatile fuel, extracted directly from the highest rank of coal.

Charbon 4

Thanks to a 90-micron grinding-drying process, micronized coal offers high combustion stability.

Charbon 3

A by-product of petroleum refining, petroleum coke (also known as petcoke) is a high-carbon, low-ash fuel.