Covered Storage & Logistics Services


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Terval has its own facilities to help our customers obtain the quantities of products they need in a safe, reliable and timely manner.

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Terval has 25,000m² of covered storage, including 3,200m² dedicated to 10,000 tonnes of pellets. A new hangar is planned to store 10-18,000 tonnes of pellets or other biomass products.


Our tri-modal logistics platform is ideally optimized for storing, processing, handling and transporting all our fuel products by rail, river and road. Located less than 48 hours by river from the ARA seaports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp), as well as close to the French, German and Dutch borders by freeway, our tri-modal terminal provides high-quality logistics organization and intermodal transport facilities.

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Terval has its own laboratory. We systematically check the quality of every coal arrival and departure. Results are regularly compared with those of independent laboratories to ensure the reliability of our analyses. The following analyses were carried out: Calorific value, Moisture, Sulfur, Volatile matter, Ash, Carbon, Chlorine, as well as particle size.