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Supplier of industrial energy since 1981

Terval Liege
since 1981

About us

Terval is a company specialized in the import and processing of industrial coal and other bulk products for industrial use. Located in Liege (along the Albert Canal), the company also provides logistics services with direct links to the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Terval wants to be close to its customers and to listen to their needs and their problems in order to propose a product corresponding to the specificities of each one.

Our products

Industrial coal

Steam coal, anthracite, micronized, petroleum coke.

Bulk products

Calcium sulfate and iron oxides.

CO2 certificates

Transport by train, barge and truck


Wood pellets, forestry chips.

Transport & Logistics

Trimodal terminal

Our trimodal logistics platform is ideally optimized for the storage, processing, handling and transportation of all our fuel products by rail, water and road.

Located less than 48 hours by river from the ARA seaports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp), as well as close to the French, German and Dutch borders by freeway, our trimodal terminal allows a quality logistic organization as well as an intermodal transport facility.

Tri-modal terminal Liege Terval
Derivative trading
Financial Products

Derivatives trading

Active in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Terval has registries in Belgium and France.

Terval trades directly on exchanges in order to offer liquidity to its clients. Terval offers access to the market on a spot and long-term basis, as well as the possibility to build options.

New markets


In the context of ecological transition and decarbonization of European industries, Terval is also positioned on the biomass market. Through its networks, Terval develops the marketing of wood pellets and forestry chips.

Its location at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes offers many possibilities for suppliers and customers. The storage capacity of +/- 25,000 m² is ideal for storing pellets in summer when consumption is at its lowest.

Biomass and wood pellets

At the service of industrialists

Cement factory

Cement factory

Paper mill

Paper mill

Sugar factory

Sugar factory



Steel industry

Steel industry

District heating

District heating

Clients &

The opinion of our customers and partners


"We have been a loyal supplier to Terval for over 25 years. During this time we have enjoyed a very good cooperation that we hope to continue for years to come. "

Transport Vanschoonbeek

"We have been working with Terval for 5 years. We cooperate together to achieve the best possible quality for our customers. "

STW Sulechow

"We have been working with Terval for 30 years for the purchase and sale of various products for the steel industry. For them, 'impossible' does not exist. Together we always find the best solutions. "

Reijnders b.v.

"For many years, Terval has always been able to meet our needs in an ever-changing market. "


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