About us

Terval trades nearly 2 million tonnes from all over the world.

A worldwide distribution network

Based in Liège, the company also provides logistics services with direct links to the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Terval is also present in the ports of Hamm, Lünen and Dortmund in Germany, and Rouen, Thionville and Montoir in France.

The group’s tri-modal terminal provides connections to the river, rail and road networks.

The terminal covers an area of almost 14 hectares, with a storage capacity of up to 500,000 tonnes, and the possibility of storing under hangars of almost 25,000m².

An experienced, multidisciplinary team

Terval’s trimodal terminal can load up to 6,000 tonnes daily and unload up to 12,000 tonnes of bulk products.

A well-developed technical and logistics infrastructure

Terval has 8 crushing plants and 2 grinding and drying plants. In addition, a washing plant with a capacity of 120 tons per hour produces 2,000mt per day with a crushing plant of 6 different sizes.

The level of investment is very high, and the plants all operate to the most modern industrial standards.

Terval also has its own analysis laboratory to guarantee the quality required by our partners and customers.

A vast market

Terval’s main market is European manufacturers. We work with the cement, paper, sugar and steel industries. We are also partners in a number of coal-fired power plants.

Beyond coal

Backed by its expertise and knowledge of the fuel market, Terval is helping European industries make the transition to green energy and expanding its product portfolio. 

We have a storage capacity of almost 10,000 tonnes of wood pellets. A second hangar is planned to add a capacity of 3,200m².